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About Us


When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was released to the public, hardly anybody took notice. Most professional traders did not take Bitcoin as a serious investment asset. However, there were a few investors who quickly realized the powerful potential that blockchain technology presents. These became the early investors of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, an investment which turned out to be quite lucrative in the end.
Soon more and more investors began to take notice and realize the profitable possibilities that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies represent. This spurned an increasing number of investors purchasing cryptocurrencies, pushing the value of the market upwards. More cryptocurrencies began to be released to the public markets in order to capitalize on the phenomenon which was sparked by Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency markets reached record highs around the end of 2017 with Bitcoin reaching a value of just under $20,000. This resulted in many early investors becoming extremely wealthy.
Since then, the cryptocurrency markets have come back down and are now experiencing increased volatility. However, just because you were not one of these early investors, you can still earn plenty of profit from trading cryptocurrencies. Smart investors will understand that volatility actually increases profit potential in trading the crypto markets. The Bitcoin Freedom software provides you with trade signals to properly time the market fluctuations and to earn real profits. Our highly accurate algorithm will provide the best times to buy and sell your preferred cryptos. Bitcoin Freedom trade signals are 99.4% accurate, which means your risk of loss is almost nothing. It only takes a commitment of a couple of minutes per day to set trading parameters and to monitor the software’s trading activities. Besides this, the Bitcoin Freedom trading software will do the rest for you, analyzing the markets continuously in search of profitable trade setups.


Bitcoin Freedom TEAM

A highly accomplished group of professionals in the financial and technology fields came together to develop the Bitcoin Freedom trading software. This group of talented individuals consisted of successful traders and professional software developers. The Bitcoin Freedom team combined years of experience and ended up with one of the best, automated trading software applications for the cryptocurrency markets. This software is now available – even to you.
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